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Recycled Polyester Fleece

Making polyester fleece from recycled PET bottles significantly reduces the amount of plastic that is otherwise buried in landfills. Polyester fleece can be made from recycled soda, water, and food containers and turned into a soft, durable polyester fiber that is completely washable and reusable. Recycling PET into polyester is also alleged to be less damaging to the environment than growing organic cotton, because cotton leaches nutrients from soil and requires so much open space to grow. Our recycled polyester has built in stretch, and a soft, comfortable feel against the skin.

100% Recycled Polyester (PET)

  • Eco Fact: 25 two-liter plastic bottles make one Fleece
  • Eco Fact: 15 two-liter plastic bottles make one Fleece Vest.

Some items that use Recycled Fleece:

  • Eco-Fleece
  • Beanie