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How Green is your corporation?

Corporate Social Responsibility: Companies are beginning to realize they have the potential to combat global climate change in a number of ways, such as; increasing energy efficiency, and reducing the environmental impact of products and operations. The green movement is a chance for companies to show the customer they are forward thinking and environmentally aware, by making an environmental message part of the business plan and corporate identity.

Consumers are becoming more sophisticated and environmentally aware, driving up demand for sustainable, organic and recycled products.

Corporate apparel in renewable fabric blends such as organic cotton, bamboo, recycled polyester, soy, corn, and merino wool are great options to enhance a corporate image or support corporate social responsibility.

Greenlayer offers corporations a sustainable apparel product line with luxurious fabric blends with a modern design and color palette. We offer custom apparel and a turnkey online e-commerce store option.

Please contact us for custom apparel options or online store questions.