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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are your ordering timelines?

90 days from a complete order entry:

It is important to approve or make comments on proofs in a timely manner. If you do not provide art approval within one week of receipt, your order is subject to be delayed.

Please view our ordering calendar for reference HERE. For the Greenlayer Pro Purchase Program, click here.

Once product available, contact sales@green-layer.com or visit http://store.green-layer.com/ to review in stock styles. Product can be shipped in 24-48 hours.

Custom printing will add 2-3 weeks to your shipping timeline. Expedited service is available. Full custom shirt orders may require a 60-90 day lead time. Please contact a Greenlayer Rep at sales@green-layer.com if you would like us to review your order.

2. What do you need to place an order?

  • Deposit (any major credit card, check, or wire transfer)
  • Styles/Quantities by gender
  • Color
  • Vector art
  • Ship to address
  • Requested delivery date

Without these requirements, orders will not be placed into the system. The timeline begins upon receipt of all required order details. Please reference our order forms online and complete them in FULL.

3. What are your payment terms

  • 50% deposit to start order
  • 50% COD

4. What are format do you require?

We require vector artwork for printing. If vector is not available, art charges may apply.

5. What is vector art and how do I tell if my art is print ready?

Vector Art: Typically vector art is created in Adobe Illustrator and comes in the following extensions: AI, EPS, PDF.

Please provide vector artwork for all logo’s and text. Make sure the text is outlined so that we use the extra font in the artwork. Vector art is required for print production and to produce high quality graphics on your apparel.

Bitmap Art: Typically created in Adobe Photoshop and comes in the following extensions: JPEG, TIF, PSD. This type of artwork does not print well.

The only time Bitmap artwork is permitted is if it is being used as a photographic effect. Bitmap art is comprised of small pixels- the higher the resolution, the clearer the image. Photoshop bitmap images should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and all layers should be intact.

6. How do you print on the apparel?

We offer two types of printing options for customers. On light colored garments, we utilized a water based dye sublimation. Sublimation is a process where ink is forced into the apparel fiber, making it permanent and permeable, meaning it allows moisture to move through the fabric. This is ideal for active wear pieces, as opposed to standard screen printing where the ink is placed on the surface of the fabric, which blocks the fabrics pores and does not allow the garment to breathe.

Screen Printing is often used on darker colored apparel, when dye sublimation is not an option.

7. Do you have art templates?

Yes, please contact sales@green-layer.com if you would like templates for placing your art.

Make your choice of color from our color palette available on the ordering page. Pantone equivalents have been provided in order to give an idea of the final printed color and for design reference. Please note that due to the nature of the screen printing and sublimation processes, our printing inks may not exactly match the Pantone equivalents.

Please provide the dimensions of the art (height and width)- this saves our designers time and takes the guesswork out of your art work. If you do not know what size you need, we can make our best estimate for you.

You can also visit out shirt design tool, which is located at the bottom of our website labeled "Order shirts here". You do not need to be a designer to use our interactive web tool.

8. How much does your apparel cost?

Apparel price points are subject to the volume ordered and printing requirements. Please contact a sales rep for a price sheet at sales@green-layer.com